Floor Solutions and Garage Floor Systems

Since the inception of Garage Floor Coating.com in 1996, Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes has been instrumental in the refinement and perfection of our epoxy floor coating process, actually altering some corporate installation procedures as the result of the expertise which we have gained. Our knowledge ensures that your existing floor surface will be transformed and maintain its style and sophistication that will last for years. Depending on your specific needs and our recommendations, in just 2 to 4 days you can have a floor that is protected against weathering, cracking, pitting, oils, chemicals and other contaminants and moisture, all of which can produce severe, adverse effects on the integrity and longevity of your floor. Every project that Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes undertakes receives individual, specific attention, taking in to account the particulars of the floor surface that we will be addressing. No two-floor surfaces present the same set of circumstances. Moisture and heavy contamination can be a concern and we may need to repair significant cracking or pitting. The choice of the product mix that we determine is best suitable for an existing floor surface is based on our professional assessment of each individual project.