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Taylor Rachko’s creative desire led her to co-found Distinctive Design & Storage Solutions, and under her leadership the Ohio-based firm has grown exponentially – 150% in its first two years, and a minimum of 50% frowth each year that has followed. Her nominator says, “Taylor quickly realized that what we do as closet and storage designers directly impacts the livelihood of our customers. Well-designed interiors manage how you enter the home, how your children hang their backpacks, and more importantly, how gracefully you can recover when chaos inevitebly creeps in.” The company continues to add in-house capabilities “that help to make the end-user outcome exponentially more personal and widly efficient.”


Spotlights on Designers

Q&A with designers on their design process and what inspires them.

Closet designers are the unsung heroes of organization and style. With an artful blend on spatial creativity and functional finesse, these skilled professionals transform cluttered spaces into personalized havens of order. Behind the seemingly simple task of crafting closets lies a synergy of aesthetic acumen and ergonomic understanding. Closet designers harmonize individual preferences with design principles, weaving together sleek aesthetics, optimal storage, and seamless functionality.

Closets & Organized Storage contacted several designers to get their thoughts on the process and what inspires them. See what they reveal about elevating organized spaces and how they enjoy their spare time.

Taylor Rachko, co-owner, Distinctive Designs & Storage Solutions

Kate Bernyk, designer, Distinctive Designs & Storage Solutions

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