basement thoughtstarter

ENVISION elevated thinking for your lowest level…space to stow sports gear and fashions in the off-season…enclosures that keep things tidy and safe… with plenty of room to finish your basement.

Basement Storage Get equipment, tools and gear off the ground with slotted walls—hooks, hangers and baskets move when you’re ready to make a change.
Basement Storage A combination of shelves and tall cabinets hides, holds and arrays things of every shape and size.
Basement Storage Consider lockable doors to protect children from dangerous tools, paints and chemicals.
Basement Storage Nestled inside an open shelf, attractive baskets and boxes dress up your basement storage.
Basement Storage Elevated storage protects against water damage in a basement prone to flooding or moisture.
Basement Storage Open spaces or wire racks allow ventilation for wet paintbrushes, waders or car-washing supplies.