kid's room thoughtstarter

ENVISION a place where favorite clothes sleep at night…a shelf small arms can reach…a bin for bouncing balls… with plenty of room to grow.

Kid's Room Organization Mount moveable hooks low on a slotted wall—so it’s easy to put things away. The wall is also a safe place to display artwork and other mementos.
Kid's Room Organization Accommodate a variety of activities:
doing home-work, playing with blocks, building forts…
Kid's Room Organization Low wire baskets gather laundry or toys. See-through containers allow kids to choose what they want without upending the whole lot.
Kid's Room Organization Suspended from the walls, a closet system makes way for vacuums and future flooring changes.
Kid's Room Organization Adjustable shelves and rods grow with your child.
Kid's Room Organization Double and triple up on hanging space while tots are small, placing lowest bar where kids can reach favorite outfits.