closet thoughtstarter

ENVISION VIP treatment for tops, trousers and tennis shoes…a way to see it all before suiting up…a peaceful place to start your day… with plenty of room to expand your look.

Closet Organization Avoid a shoe pileup on the floor by placing shoes neatly along a fence or rack.
Closet Organization An island packs piles of things and provides a surface for folding, sorting or sipping coffee.
Closet Organization Alternate hanging and shelving sections to ease sorting and access.
Closet Organization Separate and protect jewelry in velvet-lined trays tucked inside shallow drawers.
Closet Organization Indulge in a vanity, display space and even a bench to make this your morning retreat.
Closet Organization Tall enclaves accomodate dresses and double-rows of shirts, slacks and skirts. Add interest with glass doors and crown molding.